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Buying custom polo shirts for your staff is an investment in your brand credibility. But with so many options and prices, it can be overwhelming, especially if you are working on this for the first time. Whether you're looking to outfit a small team or an entire workforce, this guide will help you navigate the process of purchasing custom logo polo shirts for your organization.

1. Choose Your Polo Shirts 

With the wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, the first thing to do is determine the features required based on what the polos will be used for. For example, the best polo shirts for a golf tournament are a very different kind than the best polos for a utility company service crew. 

Some things to consider:

What is the best fabric for custom logo polo shirts?

Our customizable shirts are manufactured with top-quality fabrics, so they are breathable, durable, and look good. That said, the most popular fabrics for polo shirts are cotton, polyester, and a mix of polyester and cotton.

Make the ladies happy

We offer ladies’ versions in most of our polo shirt styles. Your female staff will appreciate it. 

2. Determine The Quantity And Sizes

Once you’ve determined the type of shirt best suited for your needs, you’ll want to know how many you need and the sizes.

Here are some tips to determine the quantity

  •  If the shirts are for employees, you don’t want to guess the sizes, a survey will help you get the right information and avoid disappointment later.  
  • For the quantity, as a rule of thumb, provide employees with enough logo polo shirts to wear for one week, so they can wash them once per week.  If you want your staff to look professional, give them enough shirts. 
  • Order a few extras in each size to have at hand for new hires or as replacements in case they get damaged. It happens.

3. Knowing Your Budget

When planning your custom polo order, there are variables that affect the price besides the cost of the garment. How many imprinting locations and the intricacy and size of the design, among others, are factors that affect the price. We offer a variety of styles, prices, and customization options to fit almost any budget. Our knowledgeable customer service team will assist you in finding the best options for your budget.

4. Design & Customization Considerations

Logos on polo shirts can be screen printed or embroidered, but embroidery will deliver the best results.

Keep the design simple

Whether you’re using screen printing or embroidery, you’ll get the best results by keeping your design simple. If your original logo has a complex design, with small details, it is advisable to simplify it to ensure the finished product looks its best, especially for embroidery. We’ll be happy to review your logo at no charge and we can also help with the logo simplification if needed. This will also help keep the costs under control.

You can place the logo just about anywhere, but the most common logo placement is on the left chest. It allows the logo to be most visible when facing a customers.  You can also have multiple locations, such as your main logo on the chest and your brand symbol on the sleeve, for example.

Adding individual names to the shirts

Personalization is a good practice for service companies where a technician visits the customer’s homes or places of business. It adds trust and professionalism, which customers appreciate. Even though it adds to the cost, it’s worth it in some cases.

What size logo is best for a polo shirt?

We recommend to keep the size 4 – 5 inches for chest placements.  It’s large enough to keep your brand visible yet small enough to look elegant and professional. 

5. Set Realistic Deadlines 

There are many moving parts to producing your custom logo polo shirts. From gathering inventory to adjusting art files, to prep work, proofing, to producing the shirts, the turnaround time for a 1st time order can take as much as 2-3 weeks, provided there aren’t stock shortages. It’s good to get an early start and allow plenty of time to ensure all the steps are covered for the best outcome.

6. Distribute Your Custom Polos

For a small staff or a one-time event, you can personally hand the embroidered polos yourself. But for large numbers of staff in various locations, having your own online apparel store where they can order as needed and have them drop shipped can be the best solution.  We can help with that as well!

Ask The Experts

We at A Logo For You,  are ready to help you with your next order. We’ll narrow down the options based on your brand, the purpose of the customized shirts, your budget, and your timeline. Contact us!


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