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A Logo For You was established in 1987 by Dean & Carolyn Dunbar in Hampton Roads. Dean spent the bulk of his career in the textile industry, and when the company that he worked for decided to move all operations overseas, he decided to open the first business offering in-house embroidery in the Williamsburg, VA area, quickly establishing a great reputation and loyal clientele.

One of his long-time customers, John Kerner, who ordered uniform shirts for his business regularly, over the years, developed a deep personal friendship and professional relationship with the Dunbars. Fast forward to 2005 when Dean & Carolyn decided to sell the business and turned to his friend John for advice. Long story short….John ended up buying the business with an eye on expanding in-house production capabilities.

Under John’s leadership, A Logo For You added in-house screen printing and laser engraving services. At about that same time, he also added promotional products and custom web stores to its service offering.

In 2021 John turned ownership over to the next generation with his son Chris taking the reins. Chris has been with the company since 2006 with a focus on customer service and outside sales. Along with general manager Regina Kenerley, also been with the company since 2006, and an outstanding team of people that we’re lucky enough to call family, Chris is looking to continue to build on A Logo For You’s already stellar reputation, built one order at a time from our inception in 1987.

Give us a call and let us show you what Your Hometown Logo Shop can do for you and your organization!

Our Team

Start year -2006.

“The secret to the success of any business is t-shirts & promos”

~Unknown (but probably me)

Chris Kerner


Start year – 2007. When our fearless leader / general manager isn’t running everything A LOGO, which includes keeping Chris straight….she loves relaxing at the beach and fishing. If you worked with Chris….you’d need some “me” time too..

Regina Kenerley

General Manager
Start year – 2023. South Side Kalena. If you live South of the tunnel – Kalena is your girl. Two Kalena things that I’m certain everyone is dying to know? Firstly, her favorite food is Chicken Alfredo, but it must include mushrooms. And B…..she’s a remarkable cannoli maker. You’re welcome..

Kalena Carey

South Side Hampton Roads Account Executive
Start year – 2023. Customer Service, Purchasing, and Fashionista extraordinaire. Georgette puts us all to shame. If you’re looking for trends to follow (especially in the world of shoes). Georgette is your girl..

Georgette Williams

Customer Service & Purchasing
Start year – 2013. John literally does everything in the back, because he can and because we’d be in serious trouble w/o him. What he can’t figure out is what’s going on w/ college football. California schools in the Atlantic Coast Conference anyone?

J. W. McKay

Production Lead
Start year – 2006. I’m sure embroidery existed before Esther, but it’s truly hard to imagine. Side note: If you happen to see Esther out & about……please move over to the slow lane….especially on I-64 between Hampton and Williamsburg (girl drives fast).

Esther Brown


Start year – 2017. When she’s not busy keeping up with screen printing, she handles really specific art requests. Meredith is also happy to share pictures of her cats anytime..

Meredith Roane

Screen Printing & Graphic Art
Start year – 2022. Dylan is our do it all embroidery & screen printing guy AND most importantly….our resident artist (on the side). He’s so good….people actually pay him for the art he makes..

Dylan Wilson

Screen Printing and Embroidery
Start year – 2022. Lenny is our auto-press operator extraordinaire. We believe he was a print press in a previous life. Think centaur, but with 12 arms instead of 4 legs. Hmmm….I guess its really nothing like a centaur. Nevermind..

Leonard Mayer

Screen Printing

Start year – 2022. When he’s not cleaning / burning screens or cutting & folding…..he’s running his state of the art Mine Craft server at home. If you’re looking for a new Mine Craft home….give your boy Oscar a shout.

Oscar Felix

Production Support
Start year – 2023. Issy is our other millennial production assistant (along with Oscar) and our product receiving savant. We pay her in hair dye. Her idea..

Isabel Burton

Production Support

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